Simply put, clarity is our goal. CSL is a firm with a formal, proven mitigation program. We communicate openly and clearly with all stakeholders – from local residents to public works staff and civic leaders – to reduce the negative impacts that construction may create.

If you are planning or engaged in a project that might have potential community impacts, why not contact us first? Our construction mitigation program can be a standalone service, or be part of a total project management/owner’s representative team.


CSL Consulting is a construction project management firm specializing in construction mitigation services to manage our clients’ construction community relationships and logistical planning. We have worked on all types of projects in the Greater Boston, MA region and other major metropolitan areas, including tight sites and active corporate and academic campuses.We can support both vertical, building construction or horizontal, utility infrastructure projects.

Interacting with institutions, local residents, political and civic leaders, public works and commercial entities, the CSL mitigation professionals facilitate communication, enforce agreements and reduce negative impacts. We solve construction-related logistical issues through proactive planning and regular job site monitoring, while engaging the community with communication tools, such as call centers to process complaints and online technologies to provide project updates, schedules, reports, data tracking and logistics.

Construction Mitigation Services Include:

  • Complex logistic management in urban areas
  • Early risk identification
  • Enforcement of protocols & standard operating procedures
  • Environmental impact coordination and communication
  • Municipal coordination
  • Neighborhood & community outreach
  • Communication planning, including web sites and phone hotlines